11 Refugee Children Freeze to Death

Snow covered electrical wires.

"Heavy Snowfall in the Kurdistan Region puts refugee lives in danger.

The Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights has announced that 17 Syrian and Iraqi children have died in refugee camps, following the recent cold weather.

Hemin Bajalan, a senior Kurdish official from the commission, said that refugees in the region face unimaginable hardship in the winter conditions.

“According to reports received from local NGOs monitoring the situation in camps in Iraq, 17 refugee children have frozen to death in recent days,” said Bajalan.

Bajalan revealed that out of the 17 children, 11 have died in the camps situated in the Kurdistan Region, four in Kirkuk camps and two in Baghdad camps.

In recent weeks heavy snow and bitter cold have engulfed parts of the Kurdistan Region, with Duhok and Sulaymaniyah experiencing the worst of the weather.

Children are also reported to have fallen victim to the cold in refugees camps in Lebanon and Turkey."

Written by staff of basnews.com



We know things here can seem dramatic at times, but when we tell you you’re saving lives this winter, perhaps you wonder if it’s true? It’s true.

Thank you for every heater and blanket. Thank you for every piece of carpet and litre of kerosene. Thank you for every pair of warm socks, boots, and coat. 

We can't thank you enough.

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11 Refugee Children Freeze to Death in Kurdistan Camps
11 Refugee Children Freeze to Death
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