First-Timer Excitement: Remedy Mission XII Begins!

A photo of Cayla Willingham on the first day of Remedy Mission XII in Najaf, Iraq.

We're in Najaf, Iraq for our 12th lifesaving Remedy Mission, and today was the first day in the hospital. They performed 2 operations and screened 16 kids—on the first day! It's amazing to see the ICHF team in action.

I'm particularly exited about this mission because, despite working with PLC for over a year, this is my first time to personally be a part of a mission. Like you, I've seen lots of pictures and heard lots of stories, but I can't wait to experience it for myself!

So, over the next two weeks, I'd like to give you my first impressions of our work. I'll be working with the cardiologist as she screens dozens of children, I'll visit with families in the ward, and I may even get to sit in on a few operations! But none of this would be possible without you guys, and we're honored to represent you and the rest of The Coalition by being here and helping these children.

So stay tuned, we've got our first 'Update From the O.R.' video coming tomorrow.

Our Partners:
Living Light InternationalInternational Children's Heart Foundation


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A First-Timer's Excitement: Remedy Mission XII Has Begun!
First-Timer Excitement: Remedy Mission XII Begins!
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