The impact of years of war are still seen on many Baghdad streets.

Former political enemies are forming new, non-sectarian alliances to prepare for an extremist-free future. Shiites are partnering with Sunnis and Kurds to support progressive decision-making. Can it work?

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Young Mohammed lies on an examination table, as Dr. Aso checks his heart.

It is so easy to forget that Mohammed is sick. Every time I look at him, he gives me a 1000 watt smile. I make silly faces at him as Dr. Aso rolls the ultrasound wand across Mohammed’s chest and the base of his throat. “It’s a complicated case” Dr. Aso notes.

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An Iraqi Christian church in Baghdad

On a recent aid delivery trip to the city of Kirkuk, we learned more about what churches there are doing to support local displaced families, and the stories left our Iraqi volunteers speechless.

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If I asked you to close your eyes, imagine a "typical terrorist", and then describe the first image in your mind...I wonder what you would say?

You might say that you pictured a young man. You might say that he was brown and bearded. Perhaps part of his face was obscured with a scarf. 

These characteristics describe Mustafa Mawla, but he is anything but a terrorist.

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There are two small words on the calendar today: Iraq War.

This marks the 12th anniversary of the Iraq War—since "shock and awe" changed this part of the world, marking the beginning of the end of Saddam Hussein.

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