Maker Monday: Adrianne Stone Creates for Justice

Adrianne Stone, owner and maker behind Yimi Jewelry. Through Yimi, Adrianne gives a portion of all profits to charity, including empowering women and girls through Preemptive Love Coalition.

“Justice and fairness have always been a huge part of my moral fabric,” Adrianne Stone told me. “I have always felt that women being marginalized or worse, simply because of their gender was hugely unfair and unjust. I certainly do not believe that, that was what God intended for women.” 

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Serving The People Everyone Has Rejected

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A young boy displaced from his home by ISIS.

Just this past weekend of July 4, US-led coalition aircraft targeted the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria. It was one of the “largest deliberate engagements to date,” said a coalition spokesman, and it was executed “to deny [ISIS] the ability to move military capabilities throughout Syria and into Iraq.” The scale of these responses gives a hint both to how concerned we are about such groups–and to how badly we misunderstand how to deal with them.

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A Yezidi woman cries as she talks about the family members she's lost to ISIS, whether by kidnapping or death.

"An estimated 5-7,000 women are also being held in makeshift detention centres, where they are being taken away and either sold into servitude or handed to jihadists as concubines. The town of Tal Afar alone is thought to hold around 3,500 women and children in five detention centres.

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Buying Yazidi Slaves To Set Them Free

Darkened faces of Yezidi women, being interviewed about their experience under ISIS.

“[The actual smugglers] are people who have contacts in ISIS territory from a long time ago, from before the conflict. Most of them were working as smugglers before—maybe they were smuggling tea or cigarettes. And this is why they know people who are in Syria or in other ISIS-held territory.

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