Atlanta's Refuge Coffee Co. Widens Their Embrace

Refuge Coffee Co. is a non-profit venture serving the highly diverse community of Clarkston, GA.

Kitti Murray and her husband moved to the community of Clarkston, Georgia with the intention of being good neighbours in the community described as “the most diverse square mile in the world.” 

Clarkston has a rich blend of African, Asian, Arab, and American cultures, thanks to the 70,000 resettled refugees in the area.

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The Love Collaborative gathers artists dreaming of a world remade.

What does “Love First; ask questions later,” mean to you? 

"It means to always believe the best in people. To give out before ever asking what's in it for you. Love is always the right answer, and when we act out of Love, we're doing the right thing." -Faith Dwight

"I guess that the first response must always be to love. Working out logistics and politics etc is not so important." -Hannah Haigh

"I believe our mandate as humans is to love without condition and reservation. For me it means to love the unlovely - to love when it hurts, your emotions refuse it, your intellect denies it and your whole being rejects it, but you love before you find a reason to love, you love because it changes the world of the one in front of you." -Joshua Luke Smith

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Overlooking the ancient Assyrian Christian village of Alqosh in Iraq. The monastery was founded around 640 AD.

It is almost certain that, as a senior Christian cleric in Iraq, Patriarch Louis Sako, put it in an interview with news agency, AFP, “for the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians”.

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Baghdad Still Dreams of the City of Peace

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A young boy who was displaced by ISIS last year found a home within Kurdistan. His family has few options.

In July, the UN announced that 80% of it's humanitarian health programmes in Iraq would be closed because of lack of funding. This week a follow-up report suggested that "ten million Iraqis, or a quarter of the population, are going to need humanitarian aid by year’s end amid “dramatically” worsening conditions that are forcing many people to leave their homeland because they no longer see a future inside their country." 

And now the Kurdistan Regional Government, which has become home to 280,000 Syrian refugees and 1.5 million families displaced from within Iraq because of ISIS, has announced that it has exhausted it's ability to respond further.

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