A photo of an Iraqi Christian girl recently displaced by ISIS

I won't be forgetting these eyes anytime soon.

We recently met this beautiful little girl in Erbil. She's one of the thousands of Iraqi Christians now displaced by the violence sweeping across this country, and she's living with her family in a make-shift camp in a small city park.

As you know, the need in Iraq is greater than ever, which is why we're excited to be partnering with the Iraq Health Aid Organization (IHAO) to provide aid for displaced people in some of the most at-risk, out-of-reach places in Iraq.

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citizens of Baghdad gather for Int'l Peace Day

By Mustafa Habib for Niqash.org

Many in Baghdad feel like they are currently living on a war footing. But, somewhat strangely, that did not stop hundreds in the city from celebrating the UN’s International Day of Peace on Sept. 21. It’s all about hope, they say.

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A photo of Hatem smiling

Try imaging your son being taken to the emergency room with a wound to the stomach.

He is bleeding and you, of course, are extremely worried. You watch as your child is wheeled into the operating room, hoping and believing they’ll be able to fix him. Nurses reassure you he’ll be fine. “They see this kind of thing all the time,” one says.

To your relief, your son is wheeled back out to you and the doctor is smiling. You look down at his abdomen to find the stitches…across his belly button.

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Muslims display a banner in opposition to ISIS

Have you ever wondered why Muslims are not speaking out against ISIS?

It might be hard to find Muslim voices being represented in the news, which is why we've gathered links showing worldwide Islamic opposition to ISIS. If you are searching for what Muslims outside of Iraq are saying, these articles should help show you how many Muslims are opposed to the extremist group.

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When Hatem first woke up in the ICU, he asked a simple, beautiful question...

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