Baby Adam in the ICU

This is baby Adam. Every part of Iraq has seen its fair share of hell, but his city has arguably seen more of it than any other...

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It has been acknowledged that if Iraqis are to expel the Sunni Muslim extremist group, the Islamic State, then local Sunni Muslim militias are going to have to join the fight. Yet despite months of negotiations trying to convince them to do so, the armed factions have coordinated their position: they will remain neutral.

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A portrait of Jessica

Meet our new Fulfillment Coordinator, Jessica Vaughan!

As Fulfillment Coordinator, Jessica will be helping us with data entry, donor communication, and stateside representation. Jessica is one of the most enthusiastic, compassionate individuals we've ever met! We're so excited to have her join us, we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to her!

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"Iraqi poets en route to Baghdad to spread peace"

An Iraqi poet reciting from a podium

By Omar al-Jaffal for Al Monitor

BAGHDAD — On Oct. 11, three poets from Karbala province will initiate the “Iraqi Poets’ Anti-Violence Convoy,” which will take off from the southern province of Basra and cross through nine other provinces. Members of the convoy will recite poetry in public squares near historic landmarks. According to the organizers of the convoy, the initiative aims to help eliminate the rampant violence in the country.

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Iraqi soldiers

The Iraqi army is suffering badly from what locals describe as the “astronaut phenomenon”.

That is, soldiers who pay money to superior officers so they can leave the world of the military and stay out of danger, far from the battle field. This means that sometimes when a general sends a battalion to fight, only half the soldiers are there. And recently, with attacks by extremists, this phenomenon has been getting worse. 

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