ISIS-held Iraq Plagued by Health Problems

Basic medical supplies, like those used during a medical mission in Najaf, are no longer available in ISIS controlled territory like Mosul

[BAGHDAD] Residents of Iraqi areas under Islamic State (ISIS) control are suffering from health problems due to a breakdown in local health services, shortages of medicines and contaminated drinking water.

Iraq’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that healthcare is declining in areas held by the militant Islamic group.

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Iraqi Christian, Raheel Yousif Kuniaya, 71, lived with Islamic State extremists for five months.

Over the past few weeks, extremists from the Islamic State group have released a number of prisoners – mostly the old and the ill, and mostly Yazidi. But they also released ten elderly Iraqi Christians from Mosul. One of these was Raheel, who refused to leave her home when the rest of her town fled. 

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A young IDP girl smiles; relief aid has just been delivered to her home and she will be warm.

We approach the house–it’s spotlessly clean. The front walk is swept and washed. The floors are washed. The laundry is clean and hanging out in the sun. Everything is in it’s place. And we think that things must not be so bad for these displaced families...

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The Sectarian Myth of Iraq

Young men in Nasiriyah play soccer, as the sun sets behind them.

"...Commentators on Iraq often refer to ethnic wars waged against its Kurdish people. They fail to mention that none of these wars were popular but were ruthlessly pursued by repressive regimes, particularly Saddam's.

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The heap of garbage removed from an abandoned school in Bagdad.

Part 1: This post is part of a series of posts showing what you’re accomplishing at a school in Baghdad. Lives are being changed, jobs created, and a community transformed.

The only people who choose to move into an old school filled with a mountain of garbage and scrap metal are people with no other choice.

When our partners in Baghdad first visited the school to meet with internally displaced (IDP) families living on the second floor, the first floor was so full of broken desks and equipment that it was uninhabitable. Or so they thought. Until their next visit, when they found nineteen families living amongst the trash. 

When you’ve had to flee violence with little warning in order to stay alive, you’re often left with few options. 

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