Isra and her friends

It was 2:30am on a hot August night when Isra's family were woken by pounding on their front door.

The Peshmerga who had been defending their town against ISIS forces, were losing control and knew they couldn't defend the town much longer. They quickly went door-to-door, to warn families that they would need to flee immediately. 

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A photo of Zahraa in the ICU in Nasiriyah

The little girl pictured above is Zahraa, AKA “The Fighter” (we introduced her to you a few months ago here). She was our miracle baby. Surviving against all odds, this little cherub was adored by everyone.

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Aras photo diptic

Our roots in Iraq's Kurdistan region go deep—we love the place and its people.

The first boy we ever sent to receive a lifesaving heart surgery was a Kurdish boy named Aras (pictured above, top) by selling the amazing handmade Kurdish shoe called klash (pictured above, bottom) and we've since had the privilege of working in Kurdistan for over eight years, serving and befriending hundreds of great people from all over.

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A photo of Jamal and his nephews taken in Baghdad, Iraq

This is Jamal, and he’s our hero...

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"She looked at me with weary eyes of someone who had experienced a lifetime of dogmatism and said, "I'm tired of hating people." —The wife of a terrorist

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