The heap of garbage removed from an abandoned school in Bagdad.

Part 1: This post is part of a series of posts showing what you’re accomplishing at a school in Baghdad. Lives are being changed, jobs created, and a community transformed.

The only people who choose to move into an old school filled with a mountain of garbage and scrap metal are people with no other choice.

When our partners in Baghdad first visited the school to meet with internally displaced (IDP) families living on the second floor, the first floor was so full of broken desks and equipment that it was uninhabitable. Or so they thought. Until their next visit, when they found nineteen families living amongst the trash. 

When you’ve had to flee violence with little warning in order to stay alive, you’re often left with few options. 

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"Syrian Women Know How to Defeat ISIS"

Young Syrian woman holding a peace sign.

To the Islamic State, Syrian women are slaves. To much of the rest of the world, they are victims.

It’s time we expose their real identity: an untapped resource for creating lasting peace. Listening to and implementing the ideas of women still living in Syria is key to weakening ISIS and stabilizing the region at large because, in many ways, they have a better track record laying the foundations for peace and democracy than any other group.

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11 Refugee Children Freeze to Death

Snow covered electrical wires.

"Heavy Snowfall in the Kurdistan Region puts refugee lives in danger.

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Aram, a baby born to a displaced Yezidi family, in Kurdistan.

We wanted to give you an update on Baby Aram. When I last saw him, he looked impossibly small in his incubator. His whole body heaved in the effort to breathe. Obstructive bronchitis and pneumonia are so dangerous for one so young, never mind one living in a shipping container.

Thankfully, he responded to treatment, and was released tonight! He's not well yet, but at least well enough to go home.

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Clouds spill over the mountains near Chamchammal

Happy New Year! I know, we're super late with that, but we hope 2015 is off to a great start.

How do you typically start your New Year? Are you reflective? Do you set goals?

Around here, we're resolved to look back and remember significant moments! So, before we leave January behind and step further into 2015, we wanted to look back at some of your favorite blog posts of the year.

Together, they tell a remarkable story of your impact. Here are the top 5.

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