A photo of Hatem in Baghdad

Some boys run track. Hatem ran for his life.

Some worry about failing a test. Hatem worried about his failing heart.

Some can't wait to leave school. Hatem lives in a school.

This 13 year-old's life has been far from normal. After resisting and then fleeing ISIS militants, Hatem and his family fled to Baghdad. They've overcoming incredible hardship, and much of the good news is thanks to your help.

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watercolour—As Salaam

There exist two scenarios where no one can hear you scream. The first is of course, in space because there's no oxygen. And the second is on Earth, but only if you're a global Muslim leader condemning ISIS and promoting universal religious freedom.

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Remains of the hospital in Rabia where IS fighters ambushed Kurdish military.

The northern Iraqi town of Rabia, right on the country's border with Syria, has been the scene of intense to-and-fro fighting between Iraqi Kurdish troops and the extremist group known as the Islamic State. Most recently Iraqi Kurdish military say they have recaptured the town. NIQASH toured the battlefield, what's left of the town and the new frontline.

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Raza and her daughters start over as IDPs

It was dark when Peshmerga forces pounded on Raza’s door in the middle of the night and told her husband that they had to flee because ISIS was overtaking the city. 

It was dark when they woke their daughters and ran from their home. It was dark when they continued to run from town, on uneven roads. For Raza, it remained dark while they walked for a day and a half, then rode in a truck for one day further. And when they finally reached a safe place to stay, Raza’s family had to tell her they had arrived. 

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Hundreds of thousands of women, children, and elderly have been forced from their homes. With winter coming, they need your help.

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