It is a painful truth that Christians and ancient Christian communities are being persecuted in Iraq by ISIS. It is an important story for the world to know.

It is also true that this has been emotionally devastating for many Muslims. This story is rarely told.

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The Middle East & The Real War on Christianity

Church steeples rise above a Baghdad neighbourhood.

"The Islamic State has razed centuries-old churches and monasteries, beheaded and crucified Christians, and mounted a concerted campaign to drive Christians out of cities and towns they’ve lived in for thousands of years.

The Iraqi city of Mosul had a Christian population of 35,000 when U.S. forces invaded the country in 2003; today, with the city in the hands of the Islamic State, the vast majority of them have fled."

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Dr. Mohammed wheels a wounded farmer into the hospital.

“Our lead surgeon asked for volunteers to come help in Samarra and Tikrit and I offered to come. It’s dangerous, so most doctors wouldn’t come. 

We want to help people who are fleeing the extremists.” 

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A street map of the City of Tikrit, Iraq.

The offensive to re-take Tikrit from extremists seems to have stalled as troops surround the city but cannot go further. The same thing is happening elsewhere. And there are three main reasons why.

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Armed Shia militia volunteers fill the back of a pickup truck.

The Iraqi army’s assault on the city of Tikrit began with upbeat promises that it wouldn’t take long to overrun the Islamic State (IS) paramilitaries which had taken control of the city. Once Tikrit was back in government hands, the way would be clear to start moving north towards Iraq’s second city of Mosul.

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