Honouring Rahma

Rahma and her mom had time to cuddle outside of the operating room, before her surgery.

For a few moments before she went into the operating room, Rahma and her mom had time to cuddle in the hallway. Rahma was intent on eating the hem of her mom’s scarf and stuffed it into her mouth with a chubby fist.

That time is precious now. Rahma didn’t make it through the surgery. 

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Q: How much of my donation goes to help women and children in Iraq? Specifically, what is the work you are doing to help them?

A: 100% of your donations will directly benefit our work in Iraq. Some of that will include renovating school buildings, providing housing and sanitation, and hiring laborers to do the work, among other things. 

As it relates to helping ISIS survivors start their new businesses, the money will go toward buying supplies for new corner stores, market or fruit stands, sewing machines, motor scooters for delivery services, bulk wheat flour for bakeries, and inventory for accessory shops, just to name a few.

And new crises are still happening or on the horizon—so we are preparing for what's to come, as well.

And good program execution requires good management, good data and financial tracking, good reporting and good communication with those we are serving and those who are helping make it happen—you! We'll make sure we are investing in those things as well so that we are not just sending money out the door without ensuring that we have the capacity to be accountable for it. 

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Hamam had a good night, and is recovering nicely after his heart surgery.

You know it's going to be a good morning when you arrive at the hospital and find one of the patients has a new sister!

It's also a good morning when there are good reports from the night shift in the intensive care unit. Little Hemam had a good night—he just keeps getting stronger. He's in the step-down unit now, which is just one step away from being sent home.

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Tasnim sits on her father's lap. It is her safe place.

Tasnim’s dad holds her when she gets scared. She didn’t like getting the IV put into her hand, and for a few days afterward she cried when anyone who looked “medical” got too close.

It was her dad’s lap that calmed her every time.

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Mohammad's mom and dad pose with their new baby girl.

Little Mohammad’s cheering section just grew by one!

Last night, his mom walked downstairs from the intensive care unit where she was caring for her son after heart surgery to the delivery room, and had a baby girl! We’re hoping this beautiful girl and her newly-healed brother both have a long, healthy life!

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