Overlooking the ancient Assyrian Christian village of Alqosh in Iraq. The monastery was founded around 640 AD.

It is almost certain that, as a senior Christian cleric in Iraq, Patriarch Louis Sako, put it in an interview with news agency, AFP, “for the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians”.

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Baghdad Still Dreams of the City of Peace

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A young boy who was displaced by ISIS last year found a home within Kurdistan. His family has few options.

In July, the UN announced that 80% of it's humanitarian health programmes in Iraq would be closed because of lack of funding. This week a follow-up report suggested that "ten million Iraqis, or a quarter of the population, are going to need humanitarian aid by year’s end amid “dramatically” worsening conditions that are forcing many people to leave their homeland because they no longer see a future inside their country." 

And now the Kurdistan Regional Government, which has become home to 280,000 Syrian refugees and 1.5 million families displaced from within Iraq because of ISIS, has announced that it has exhausted it's ability to respond further.

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Two Assyrian children sit beside a church yard fence prominently displaying a cross. It is night. The children, displaced from Mosul by ISIS, hold candles.

Last year the world focused on the mistreatment of Iraq's Christians by the Islamic State. But in fact the extremists had been harassing Mosul's Christians for a long time, in a campaign to push them out of Iraq.

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Maker Monday: Erin Smeltz Wears Her Heart on Her Wrist

Erin Smeltz handcrafts jewelry that women in Iraq, displaced by ISIS, to open businesses of their own.

“Do for one what you wish you could do for all.” It is a maxim with special meaning for Erin Smeltz of O’Jolie Designs. It is one her father lived by in his produce business and instilled in each of his five children. The ripple effect of these words are spiraling out beyond their Pennsylvania home into the terror ravaged cities of Iraq with every purchase of Erin’s “Love First” bracelet. 

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