A young girl smiles, a beautiful scar across her chest, after her recent lifesaving heart surgery.

Over the past two weeks, you helped us provide 17 lifesaving heart surgeries and over a thousand hours of hands-on training to local doctors and nurses in southern Iraq!

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Ali and Mohammad \

You can’t tell from this photo but Mohammed and Ali are racing. 

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Ali and his father sit together after Ali's lifesaving heart surgery.

When I first met Ali and his father, they were visibly nervous. They were the outsiders, far away from home, and in a strange place.

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Meet Ali

Ali waits for heart surgery.

Ali needs a lifesaving heart surgery. 

Like Mohammed, he was driven from his home by ISIS several weeks back. But his life-threatening heart defect was a threat long before ISIS ever was. 

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Young Mohammad walks the ICU with his father in Nasiriyah, Iraq after receiving the 1000th heart surgery through Preemptive Love Coalition.

Mohammad received his lifesaving heart surgery! 

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