We're Already Plotting Our Way Back To Hamma

We had to say goodbye to baby Hamma and his mother.

We didn’t want to.

We didn’t want to say goodbye because his big brown eyes and his mother’s smile drew us in from the moment we met them.

Another reason we didn’t want to say goodbye is because Hamma never received the surgery he needed to patch the hole in his heart.

See One. Do One. Teach One. Remedy Mission Trains Iraqi Heart Doctors and Nurses for the Future of the Children and their Country

You’ve Forever Impacted 16 Children This Remedy...And We Still Have Two More Days To Go!

16 Children

That’s how many children you’ve impacted this Remedy! Thanks to YOU, Kautha’s recovering from her successful heart surgery. Her heart defect is a thing of the past. She’s passed through the ICU. Now she’s one hour closer to going home.

Alawi Receives His Much Needed Heart Surgery!

This morning Alawi got the heart surgery we've all been waiting for!

Local doctors and nurses - alongside the ICHF team - took a minimalistic approach to his repair, seeking to do as little "trauma" to his heart as possible. Unfortunately, after surgery, it seemed the minimalist approach wasn't holding as well as they hoped. They decided to perform an even more robust correction that would make Alawi even stronger than he already was.

10 Things You Need To Know You're A Part Of When You Support Remedy

Did you know that each Remedy provides over 7,000 hours of hands on training and education for local Iraqi doctors and nurses during each two week mission?

Did you know that each medical team Remedy brings in is composed of 15 medical professionals from some of the world’s top hospitals?

Alawi Moves Into The ICU Where He Awaits His Surgery

Alawi was taken into the Intensive Care Unit where he's one step closer to receiving what we hope to be a fully corrective heart surgery!

Two things constantly amaze me during Remedy Missions. The skill and care of the doctors and nurses and the bravery of these children.

Alawi's one of the bravest I've met so far.

Featured Partner: Emily Potts Photography

Emily Potts Photography recently hosted a "Have a Heart" event to raise funds and awareness for our work, and the owner, Emily, (on the right) and her assistant, Danielle, (left) have kindly obliged us with an interview.

His Heart Condition is Threatening His Life - Have You Met Alawi?

You need to. This just may be the cutest and most adorable boy in Iraq.

Alawi Hussein is just under three and a half years old and he was born with a congenital heart defect. At 9 months old, instead of taking bets on what his first word was going to be, his parents were coping with the devastating news that Alawi had a heart problem.

Meet Ali. He Finally Got His Lifesaving Surgery on Our Second Trip to Southern Iraq

Overwhelmed by 350 kids on Local Waiting List as Remedy Rolls into Southern Iraq to Train Locals


What Would You Do If The World Was For You?

What if you lived in one of the most beautiful places on earth?

A place so beautiful and full of history that it was known for being the birthplace of civilization, the place where some say the Garden of Eden once was?

And what would you do if others came along and deliberately destroyed it all in the hopes that you would be destroyed in the process?

We're Kicking Off Our Third Remedy Mission!

Today we were welcomed back to southern Iraq by the entire team of local doctors!

As they were welcoming back their teachers and mentors from the first Remedy Mission, one doctor said, “We are trying to give you honorary Iraqi citizenship so you never have to leave again!”

Featured Partner: David Beccue

This month's featured Coalition member is David Beccue.

Working internationally as a software engineer and business owner, his chief aspiration is to know, love, and serve GOD well with what he's been given.

Better Februarys

I've honestly never been big on the month of February.

I mean, it's the hardest month to pronounce (is the "r" silent!?), there's all the V-Day drama/expectations, and then, of course, February is when they bring out the sweetened little heartshaped Altoids with all the stalker-ish messages on them.

But allow me to introduce you to something that will forever improve your Februarys: CHD Awareness Week!

Internship | 2011

It's that time again.

For the past 3 summers we've hosted a handful of talented, socially-conscious men and women to assist us in eradicating the backlog. This year we're excited to have several of our 2010 interns returning for a second summer, but there are still a few spots left.

Featured Partners: Ricky & Julie Kim

Take a minute to meet Ricky and Julie Kim.

Ricky works as a software engineer out of Dallas, Texas and is a regular supporter of sick kids in Iraq. Originally from South Korea, Ricky moved to the United States 5 years ago after accepting a great job offer.

Headed Home While Remedy Continues To Gain Momentum


At the end of the first Remedy Mission in Southern Iraq we served 22 families, corrected 45 heart defects and gave a collective 7,000 hours of training to more than 50 local doctors and nurses!

Kids conquered heart disease together, families built new networks of friendships, doctors gained mentors, nurses gathered inspiration, and a foundation was laid for what might someday become a fully functional, locally-run pediatric cardiac surgery center.

Anwar & Fatima Continue To Get Stronger!


It's incredible to watch the journeys of these children and their families.

Most of the families come in individually carrying their children. The children usually stay in their beds with their mothers until they go in for their surgery. Then the mother's begin to grow closer as they wait for their children to come through the surgery and out of the ICU. When each child comes out, they celebrate and soon they'll start walking their children or each other's children down the hallway tightly gripping their hands.

The Day Shams Received A Remedy and The Day She Died


This week, little five year old Shams Hadi died during her 12 hour operation.

Shams was born with a combination of three congenital heart defects. By themselves, those three defects aren't unusual among children here but none of the doctors or cardiologists had ever seen the combination of all three in one child.

In a developed country, Shams should have received surgery at three months.

Ritha Passes His Last Test Before Discharge & Baby Hassan Leaves ICU


Ritha had one assignment before he could go home. 

Blow up a latex glove, something that he could never have done before his surgery.

He kept blowing until the nurses had to stop him because it was about to POP! With flying colors, Ritha passed his test and was sent home with his father!

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