Celebrating Our Partners: Mending Kids International

Friends, we are only as strong as our partnerships and our connection to compassionate people like you. At every fork in the road and at every milestone moment there are amazing people who have nudged, carried, and even pulled us forward.

One such friendship is with Marchelle and her team at Mending Kids International, who recently helped us provide lifesaving heart surgeries for Kadeeja, Musa, Ali, Diya, Shakir, and Mohammed (pictured above). All six children are doing very well after their operations, and we are so thankful for the hope they have received for full and active lives—lives no longer held back by unhealthy hearts!

You may also remember last year's Remedy Mission XIII in Najaf, when MKI contributed to save the lives of Zahraa, Noor, and Hussein. We are so thankful for their support and the successful surgeries we saw for these three! In case you missed it, you can read Zahraa’s story here.

The people at MKI daily live out their mission to “Hope. Love. Mend.” So, on behalf of these Iraqi children, their families, and the communities in which they live, we are so thankful to MKI for living out their mission statement in Iraq!


Mending Kids International works to provide life-changing surgeries to children all around the world. In the last six years, MKI has provided 718 surgeries to children in 41 different countries! They are traveling to Guatemala in just a few weeks to give even more children the surgical care they desperately need. Follow their journey here.


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Celebrating Our Partners: Mending Kids International
Celebrating Our Partners: Mending Kids International
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