Fallujah Crisis Update: Sounding the Alarm on BBC News

Preemptive Love Coalition’s Jeremy Courtney went on BBC News today to share the increasingly dire situation in and around Fallujah. Displacement camps have been overwhelmed by more than 86,000 fleeing civilians—many of whom have gone days without shelter in the extreme desert heat. 

“The conditions on the ground in and around Fallujah right now are nothing short of atrocious,” Jeremy told BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire. “When you’ve got women cradling their disabled children in the hot summer sand and hardly anyone coming to save them, it’s unconscionable.”

In addition to the thousands who’ve fled Fallujah, an unknown number remain trapped inside the city itself. Despite Iraqi forces declaring victory over the weekend, analysts believe anywhere from 50% to 75% of the city remains contested—and it’s thought that as many as 10,000 civilians may still remain. “We’ve been asked to go into Fallujah city proper and serve the civilians that still remain inside,” Courtney announced. “We’re doing everything we can to get into Fallujah city to provide those who remain with the food that they need—because ISIS is using food as manipulative tool to recruit people or force people into their ranks.”

Jeremy also shared worrying reports about the number of civilians who’ve been detained on suspicions of being affiliated with ISIS. Men are being separated from their families and detained for indefinite periods of time, leading to concerns for their human rights and welfare. “We demand that those people be treated fairly and justly,” Courtney said. “Islam teaches that prisoners of war should eat before the army. We are doing everything we can with our Muslim colleagues to make sure that happens for those detainees.”

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Fallujah Crisis Update: Sounding the Alarm on BBC News
Fallujah Crisis Update: Sounding the Alarm on BBC News
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