Female Iraqi Nurses Struggle for Equality

Sara, an ICU nurse, was just 17 years old when photographed at work in 2011

"...society still considers a woman who works as a nurse to be rebelling against moral values and the social customs that prohibit women from staying overnight outside the household or to have physical contact with men, even patients.

This conservative social idea holds that a woman's work place is in the home, and Iraq's culture of shame classifies women as "weak" individuals who must be kept isolated. The reluctance of many Iraqi women to work despite widespread unemployment, especially among women, is causing a shortage in Iraqi hospitals and prompting the Iraqi Ministry of Health to recruit nurses from India."


Written by Wassim Bassem. Read more at Al-Monitor.

Read about this dynamic ICU nurse named Sara here.

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Female Iraqi Nurses Struggle for Equality
Female Iraqi Nurses Struggle for Equality
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