Hama Is Looking Up!

A Photo of Hama in the ICU in Najaf, Iraq.

Hama made it through those first crucial hours in the ICU.

The correction made on his heart continues to hold fast as the rest of his body adjusts to a fully-functioning heart. In between surgeries today, Hama's dad came into our break room to say "thank you, thank you, thank you!"

These next 8 years will look completely different for Hama and his family. No more searching, no more waiting—just a whole lot of living.

Now, we just need to get him well enough to leave the ICU.

Thanks to all of you who are showing you support for Hama by sharing his story on FacebookTwitter, and e-mail. Keep it up, his story isn't over!

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About Cody Fisher

Founder & Development Director of the Preemptive Love Coalition, a non-profit based out of Iraq that seeks to subvert terrorism through love, by saving lives and creating dialogue between communities at odds.

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Hama Is Looking Up!
Hama Is Looking Up!
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