Hama Is On His Way Home (Finally!)

A photo of an ICU nurse taking note of the patient list.

This afternoon, Hama gets to pack his bags and walk out of the hospital with a fixed heart.

He gets to leave behind the surgeons, the nurses, and the heart defect that almost took his life. Now he gets to go home with his mom and dad, breathe a little bit easier, and start to experience life without a heart defect.

Hama’s dad said it best when he emphatically said, “thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Thank you helping save Hama’s life.

There hasn’t been one heart surgery in Iraq that didn’t have the backing of others.

You continue to make all the difference for these children.

Meanwhile, the operating team hasn’t slowed down. They’ve already saved nine lives and they’re hoping to save another three more before we wrap up the mission! 

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Founder & Development Director of the Preemptive Love Coalition, a non-profit based out of Iraq that seeks to subvert terrorism through love, by saving lives and creating dialogue between communities at odds.

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Hama Is On His Way Home (Finally!)
Hama Is On His Way Home (Finally!)
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