Hama Made It Out Of The O.R. And He's Doing Well

A photo of Hama being wheeled from the O.R. to the ICU after a successful surgery!

It took the surgeons five and a half hours, but they were able to completely correct Hama's heart defect.

Did you catch that? It was a complete correction; an absolute victory; a complete undoing of a previously life-threatening heart defect. This is as sweet as it gets in the operating room!

Hama was rushed out of the operating room just as quickly as he was rushed in. Now his battle moves from an operating table to an intensive care bed.

The entire medical team is gathered around Hama, monitoring his heart and ready to help his body adjust to a fully-functioning heart. His heart defect may not exist anymore, but how his body responds to the operation will determine everything.

As he gets settled into the ICU, I should know more about how he's doing. These next few hours are crucial for him.

Stay tuned...

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Hama Made It Out Of The O.R. And He's Doing Well
Hama Made It Out Of The O.R. And He's Doing Well
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