Hatem's Heart Surgery A Success!

Photo of Hatem sleeping in ICU

I'm pleased to share that Hatem's heart surgery was a success!

We recently introduced you to this boy whose family fled ISIS. Their story is harrowing, but they told me they have hope for the first time now that their son's life isn't in danger.

We'll have more updates on Hatem and the other persecuted and displaced families you're helping us serve coming later this week. Be sure to subscribe to our blog updates in the margin to stay updated. In the meantime, here are a few more photos of Hatem's surgery:

photo of doctors operating on Hatem

photo of doctors studying Hatem's xray

photo of Hatem's heart

photo of Hatem being wheeled into OR

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Hatem's Heart Surgery A Success!
Hatem's Heart Surgery A Success!
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