How I Came to Redefine and Appreciate the "Ordinaries" of Life

“How’s life?”

When asked this question, I typically answer, "nothing out of the ordinary."

Throughout the summer, my life in Iraq did not feel out of the ordinary. We established routines; we found a groove:

Sunday through Thursday, we waved to the cobbler across the street on our way to work. Every Wednesday, we played games with local college students at a nearby English-teaching center, and instead of “casual Friday,” we had “Baklava Thursday.”

Friday, we rested, and Saturday, we bazaared (yes—‘bazaar’ is now a verb).

These daily actions had become commonplace, expected, and ordinary. But now, as I sip tea and ponder life after the recent Remedy Mission to Basra, the “ordinaries” of life have refreshed meaning.

For children waiting for a lifesaving heart surgery, our “ordinaries” are their “extraordinaries.”

Because broken hearts complicate their lives, daily heartbeats are extraordinary. Our ordinary activities such as walking to work; pastimes such as playing soccer; and dreams for education, enjoyable jobs, or marriage are extraordinarily difficult to achieve when your heart may not have the ability to last past childhood.

We work to make healthy heartbeats ordinary for these little lives. So, I celebrate this renewed meaning of ordinary. It is life-filled, joy-ridden, and extraordinary in its own ordinary way!


This post continues a series of intern reflection posts from the summer 2013 internship. Interested in interning with us? Click here to visit our internship page!

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How I Came to Redefine and Appreciate the "Ordinaries" of Life
How I Came to Redefine and Appreciate the "Ordinaries" of Life
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