Leah's Story Exemplefies The Need For Followthrough

As a new member of the PLC team, there's always something to learn. One of the first things on the to-learn list was how to answer the question, “What’s your job?” in Kurdish. I usually use the term 'social worker' to describe what I do, so I asked my language tutor how to say that in Kurdish and she explained that there isn’t a word for it because there isn’t really a job like that in our city.

Because women tend to stay home, the need for a family advocate/social worker to come to them is huge. Unfortunately the need isn't widely seen, and in many homes even basic healthcare knowledge is lacking.

Last week I went with our family services director, Jessica Courtney, to visit Leah, one of the children who received surgery in March. Jessica was there in the ICU to help Leah’s mom understand the importance of a feeding tube and, for the second time, I got to see her comfort and inform this worried mother about medicines, dosages and how to help her child recover.

Hospital trips and caring for a sick child can be fearful times, and mothers need someone they can rely on. We hope to be that for them. Leah's mother wouldn't have understood the urgency of a feeding tube or her baby's need for consistent medication if Jessica hadn't been there.

This is why we Followthrough.


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Leah's Story Exemplefies The Need For Followthrough
Leah's Story Exemplefies The Need For Followthrough
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