Moustafa—The Boy Who Stole Our Hearts

Moustafa, a young Iraqi boy, after his life-saving heart surgery.

Moustafa's parents spent years scouring hospitals across Iraq in search of someone who could fix their little boy's heart.

Doctors eventually told them that he had no hope in his home country and that they needed to go to India, which meant Moustafa would never receive surgery since his parents could never afford to send him abroad.

But thanks to you Remedy Mission is here, and Moustafa is finally receiving his heart surgery!

In many ways, Moustafa is pretty similar to the other 6-year-old boys I know. His father, mother (who's always by his side), and older brother all love him very much. He's energetic and loves to play - especially soccer. But unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Moustafa at the park, or at his school. My first glimpse of him was in the children’s ward of a hospital awaiting surgery.

But all that has the chance to be fixed starting right now, and I'm eager to hear good news of a successful surgery. Keep reading for updates!

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Moustafa—The Boy Who Stole Our Hearts
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