Painting New Life in East Mosul After ISIS

ISIS graffiti in Mosul

New York Times journalist Rukmini Callimachi shared a series of powerful tweets from her recent visit to east Mosul. The eastern side of the city was liberated in January. But signs of ISIS rule—and the death it brought—still remain. One painter is taking it upon himself to do something about that, replacing ISIS graffiti with messages of hope.

You've been sharing tangible hope with the people of east Mosul for months—in the form of food, refurbished medical clinics vaccinating babies and caring for pregnant moms, and repairs to Mosul's battle-damaged water system. You're showing up in west Mosul, too—where the battle against ISIS still rages.  

Many people are painting over ISIS graffiti in east Mosul. But Rukmini Callimachi had to stop when she saw one main replacing it with graffiti of his own...  



This particular wall once carried a message of violence against those deemed "infidels" by ISIS—Christians, Yazidis, and other Muslims who didn't measure up, according to ISIS ideology...  

Sadoun, the painter, didn't merely want to hide the dark legacy of ISIS; he wanted to replace it with something better...





Sadoun is bringing beauty and new life where death once reigned. It is a small but powerful form of resurrection taking place right in the heart of Mosul...  

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Painting New Life in East Mosul After ISIS
Painting New Life in East Mosul After ISIS
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