Personal Involvement Questions

The simple act of telling someone is powerful, and there are plenty of ways to spread the word and get your community involved. You can mobilize your mosque or church, your book club or sports team, or use your business to raise money. Email us and let’s explore it together!

The short answer: yes! We love having visitors and would happily take you to tea or coffee. Whether or not you can help depends on many things like your skillset, our particular needs at the time, and the amount of time you have to offer. Contact us here to explore some of this more via email.

All of the medical volunteers are run through and managed by our medical partners. If you have pediatric cardiac experience and would like to serve with us, please contact our medical partners here.

Around the office, we have a saying: get out of the way. This means we put a premium on stepping back and allowing locals to handle their own problems—we don’t want them becoming dependent on us!

Each situation is different and we’d happily talk more with you about it, but our general preference is to have locals buying supplies from other locals when possible. It’s all-around better for the local people we seek to serve.

Absolutely. Click here to get started!

We post stories throughout the week on our site here, and we share daily updates on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

More questions? Send us an e-mail. We love hearing from you!

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Personal Involvement Questions
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