Ramadan—The Spirit of Giving


The month of Ramadan is an important time in the Muslim world with its emphasis on communing with God through fasting, praying, and giving to the poor. As a group based in Iraq, most of the people we interact with here—friends, neighbors, coworkers, surgery kids, etc.—are Muslim, and most of them observe and celebrate Ramadan.

With that many people caring about it around us, it's no surprise that we have grown to care about the month as well. We see it as an opportunity to reestablish what we have in common: a love for God and a desire to care for needy children and their families.

This video offers a unique glimpse into our community here and why we want to partner with you this Ramadan in saving children's lives.

To join us in caring for these children, please consider helping us save a life this Ramadan by funding medical supplies below!

meds Donate a surgical supply kit to save a child's life this Ramadan. 
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Ramadan—The Spirit of Giving
Ramadan—The Spirit of Giving
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