Sweet Shahid Returns!

A photo of Shahid and her sisters laughing.

Today the cardiologist screened some of the children who had surgery during the last mission. It was good to see them again, up and about.

One in particular caught my eye. A little girl who I remember from the echo room last mission. Her lips were so blue blue and her face was sad.

This was not the girl I met today.

Today, she was laughing and smiling, playing with her sisters and posing for the camera. I love the day when the children from last mission come back for their post-op screening. It's so fun to see how they're improving—the kind of life they can have now that their heart is working.

We hope to see so many more transformed, happy children in Najaf and across Iraq. Thanks for doing this alongside us!

A photo of Shahid waiting for her echo results at the hospital in Najaf.

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Sweet Shahid Returns!
Sweet Shahid Returns!
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