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25 Days of Peace: December 3

As part of our new Gift Catalog, we created this activity guide to help you practice peace in small ways during the holiday season.

Today's peacemaking activity won't take much. In fact, it won't take a single word.

ISIS Launches Mortar Attack on Our Aid Convoy Within Walking Distance of Mosul

Thousands of people will eat tonight because of your giving and the work of our delivery teams. But making it happen wasn’t easy. 

Around 7:00 this morning, our team headed west toward Mosul—two large semi trucks with food and other essentials and several small cars. We stopped for finalize a few plans and make some phone calls. Everything was prepared. Families were waiting.

We made it through each checkpoint and ultimately arrived in the small Mosul suburb. We were inside the Mosul front lines—so close, you could walk to the city itself.

25 Days of Peace: December 2

As part of our new Gift Catalog, we created this activity guide to help you practice peace in small ways during the holiday season.

Because 25 small acts of peace... they add up quickly.

A New Business for a New Life

Samiha, one of the women in our empowerment program, working in her shop

“Normalcy” is an elusive concept for people affected by war. They can’t just go back to life before the crisis, so they are forced to create a new sort of “normal.”

For the women in our empowerment programs, like Ikhlas, that new sense of normal is stitched together one garment at a time, to the rhythmic hum of a sewing machine. Each item they make and sell is a piece of the new life that they are designing and creating.

25 Days of Peace: December 1

For all our dreams of "peace on earth," the world is anything but peaceful. From the Middle East to our own communities, violence seems unrelenting. Relationships bend and sometimes break. Peace—the very thing we long for—seems impossible to come by.
But peace is primarily not something that happens to us. It’s something we choose, something we create, something we lean into.

So let's spend the next 25 days leaning into peace. 

Why the Good Guy vs. Bad Guy Narrative Doesn't Work in Aleppo

As many of you saw from our update yesterday, the situation in Aleppo, Syria became even more dire over the last few days—something we almost didn’t think was possible.

This morning, the BBC shared a short video providing much-needed context for the work we’re doing in this area. We thought it might help you picture where we are providing food and winter supplies—which you made possible yesterday. We wanted you to see the faces of the people you are helping and better understand what they are fleeing.

#GivingTuesday: Here's What You Made Possible for Aleppo and Mosul

Thank you. Thank You. Thank you.

Yesterday your love showed up with force.

#GivingTuesday: Today We Give Back for Aleppo

For many of us, #GivingTuesday is a chance to slow down after a day of giving thanks and filling our bellies—and several days of shopping. It's a chance to look at the world around us and make a tangible difference.

For our friends in Aleppo and Mosul—for children like Bana—today is about something more. Today is about life or death. 

How One Gift Can Empower Three Refugee Families

The soap is lovingly handcrafted by Marwa and her refugee sisters. With every bar, they reclaim another piece off what ISIS tried to take from them.  

Small Business Saturday: Celebrate Refugee Business Owners in Iraq

Millions of you will head out to local coffee shops, boutiques, bookstores, and restaurants today for Small Business Saturday.

But here’s another way you can celebrate: by supporting the brightest new entrepreneurs… in Iraq.

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