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There Is One Less Major Conflict in the World Today. And That Gives Us Hope.

Treaty signed by Colombian government and rebel leaders (courtesy the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia)

It’s hard to stand in a place like Syria, see the devastation, and believe the fighting will ever stop. Not after five-and-a-half years of bloodshed and more broken ceasefires that anyone can remember. 

ICYMI: Syria Crisis Update, the Battle Against ISIS in Iraq, and More From Our Live Report

If you missed today's live broadcast, you can still get the latest on the situation in Syria and our emergency response, the battle against ISIS in Iraq, and how you're empowering refugees to reclaim their lives from the ashes of war. 

They Braved the Most Dangerous Road in Iraq. This Is What They Found at the End.

There is a highway that cuts roughly north-south through the top half of Iraq, between its two leading cities: Baghdad and Mosul. It is nicknamed "The Fastest Way." That used to be an accurate description—before ISIS. Before the highway was crisscrossed with battlefields and bombs. Before it became a border instead of a road.

Roadside Bombs, Dance Parties, and ISIS's Shrinking Empire

Along this stretch of land from Fallujah in central Iraq, all the way up to Mosul—this is where you’ll find the greatest need in Iraq right now. And it’s exactly where you’re working.

Dad Reunited With Family After Two Years of ISIS Occupation

Together again after so long apart!

Two years ago, ISIS swept across Iraq, capturing city after city. One day, militants arrived at Abraham’s hometown.

He was away at the time, but his parents, wife, and baby girl were there. His entire family came under the shadow of ISIS’s self-proclaimed caliphate, oppressed and out of reach. ISIS consolidated its grip, making it impossible for Abraham return or even see his family.

Peacemaker Fridays: September 23, 2016

Reconciliation through tourism; honoring deceased refugees; and a teenager who created an app to stop bullying.

Here are the week's best stories of people reaching across enemy lines, loving the other, and waging peace...

How One Extremist Got Out

Screen capture from "Payback"

"I was completely fixated on the screen. And I watched people jumping out of those windows to avoid being burned alive. Not one moment did I think, These people have families—fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters. Not one moment."

"It was payback. It was retribution. It was fair dues."

Why Are So Few Families Returning to Fallujah?

Fallujah was quiet when we pulled into the city center, but that wasn’t surprising.  

Months of fighting, then clearing the city of ISIS holdouts, then clearing out traps and unexploded bombs—that all takes time, which meant families had to wait for a chance to come home. In the meantime, you made sure they had what they needed to hold on.

What Does Peace Look Like When You're Living in a War Zone? Real Libyans Answer.

"Libyan Kid" by Surian SoosaySurian Soosay / CC BY 2.0

International Day of Peace—seems like the annual reminder couldn't come at a more needed time.

After ISIS: Meet the First Families to Come Home to Fallujah

"Welcome home!"

That was your message to the very first Fallujah families coming home. After all the running, the fear, the wrongness of it all—families are finally coming home.

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