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Inside Mosul, News of Battle Met With Fear and Joy

Photo of Mosul, released by ISIS

Unlike most of the world, the people of Mosul did not hear about the operation against ISIS from the Iraqi prime minister, Haider al-Abadi.

"We woke up to the sound of unusual explosions that continued until dawn," says Um Ahmad, a 52-year-old teacher who lives in the east of the city. "My husband told me these were the first shells of the battle to free the city, and that was later confirmed by news reports."

Most Mosul Families Fleeing in the ''Wrong'' Direction

Aid groups are bracing for a possible worst-case scenario as the battle for Mosul continues: up to a million people could be driven from their homes by the fighting. But there’s an even more dire possibility than this:

Most of these people could flee in the "wrong" direction.

Students Survive ISIS Attack, Reunited With Their Families

After a harrowing 48 hours of an ISIS surprise attack on Iraq's northern city of Kirkuk, a group of female college students are now back safely with their families.

What You Aren't Being Told About Mosul

With Mosul making headlines around the world this week, there are a lot of people tuned in to things here right now.

That said, from our vantage point on the ground and on the front lines of this crisis, there are a few things you might be hearing that aren’t quite right, or don’t tell the whole story—and we want to provide some clarity. They aren’t totally wrong, per se, but they’re off, and we think you deserve to know the full story. 

Here are five things you may not have been told about Mosul... 

BREAKING: ISIS Sleeper Cells Launch Attack on Kirkuk

At this moment, our beloved Kirkuk, an oil-rich city of nearly a million people, just a short drive from our Iraq office, is under attack by ISIS.

Reports say ISIS "sleeper units" attacked a police compound and a power station northwest of the city, in addition to several other small-scale attacks meant to create chaos and divert attention from the operation to liberate Mosul. 

We've been in touch with friends and partners inside Kirkuk. Here is what we've learned so far...

4 Things Clinton and Trump Got Wrong About Mosul in Last Night’s Debate

Mosul's children are more than just a debate topic or a political talking point.

The battle for Mosul was a major topic at the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Several minutes into the debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked what is arguably the most pressing question about Mosul, the battle with ISIS, and the whole future of Iraq: 

If [Iraqi forces] are successful in pushing ISIS out of that city and out of all of Iraq, the question then becomes: What happens the day after? 

Why Didn't Mosul Families Flee ISIS While They Had the Chance?

Displaced families near Mosul receive food packages and hygiene kits, after their town was liberated from ISIS

One million civilians remain in ISIS-held Mosul today. The battle to dislodge the militant group will force many residents—if not all of them—to run for their lives, triggering a massive refugee crisis.

Which begs the question: Why didn’t Mosul families flee when they had the chance? Why didn’t they take a hint when ISIS first occupied the city—or as the final battle for Mosul drew near?

Two Years of Hell: Life Inside Mosul

Displaced children from the Mosul corridor

Mosul wasn’t a perfect city when ISIS seized control more than two years ago. Like many urban centers, Mosul had issues—a crumbling infrastructure, racial and religious divisions, a municipal government that was seen to be corrupt, and a federal government seen as unfair, and unresponsive to its people. But this "Pearl of the North" was certainly a vibrant city, and a beloved home to millions.

Battle for Mosul: Front Line Update

As the battle for Mosul enters its fourth day, here’s the latest from the front lines…

Iraqi forces continue their push toward Mosul. One of the Kurdish generals participating in the battle predicts it will take two weeks to reach the city itself, and two months to liberate it. 

Mosul: We Were Here Before ISIS, We'll Be Here After They're Gone

The battle to liberate Mosul from ISIS is underway.

We were here in Iraq long before ISIS, driven by this foundational belief that preemptive love can unmake violence, even in the hardest conflicts on earth.

We were here when ISIS swept across Iraq, exploiting the legitimate grievances of marginalized people for their own gain. We watched in horror as city after city fell. The date June 10, 2014 is etched in our memories. That was the day Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, fell. 

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