The Middle East & The Real War on Christianity

Church steeples rise above a Baghdad neighbourhood.

"The Islamic State has razed centuries-old churches and monasteries, beheaded and crucified Christians, and mounted a concerted campaign to drive Christians out of cities and towns they’ve lived in for thousands of years.

The Iraqi city of Mosul had a Christian population of 35,000 when U.S. forces invaded the country in 2003; today, with the city in the hands of the Islamic State, the vast majority of them have fled."

"To save lives, [Faith] McDonnell said that she wants Washington to fill the special envoy position, offer greater asylum protections for Christians seeking to leave the Middle East, and create a protected enclave in Iraq’s Nineveh province, the area housing many of Iraq’s Christian refugees. [Mark] Arabo, for his part, wants Washington also to expedite the visa process, offer airlifts for Christians in harm’s way, and provide humanitarian aid to displaced Christians inside Iraq. 

The message that Arabo wants lawmakers and White House officials to hear is a simple one: “In the absence of your leadership, you are sentencing my people to death.”

[David] Saperstein declined to say whether he believed Washington should expedite visa applications from Christians living in areas menaced by the Islamic State. Part of the reason, he said, was that many of the religious leaders he spoke to didn’t want members of their communities to flee unless they absolutely had to. The Christians and Yazidis of Iraq have lived there for thousands of years, and Saperstein said many hope the U.S.-led efforts against the Islamic State will make it safe for them to continue doing so."

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The Middle East & The Real War on Christianity
The Middle East & The Real War on Christianity
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