The Preemptive Love Manifesto

How do you respond when you see violence?

We know how hard it is to watch burning places on our computer screens, to hear of school shootings down the street, or see our family members fighting and not know what to do.

How do we react without being violent or passive ourselves?

Preemptive love is our response. It is an active love. It’s a love that jumps heart first into situations of conflict and creates reconciliation, healing, and hope.

Take two minutes to watch this video, then share it with your friends.

Together, we can remake the world around us.

About Matthew Willingham

Matt Willingham is Preemptive Love's Senior Field Editor and writes primarily on politics, history, general updates and visual peacemaking through photography and film.

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The Preemptive Love Manifesto
The Preemptive Love Manifesto
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