Today Marks A Whole Year of Remedy Missions!

Proof of Remedy

A year ago today, you helped us wrap up our first Remedy Mission in Iraq!

When we started PLC back in 2007, Remedy Missions were beyond our wildest dreams. We were content to send children out of Iraq for surgery. But when it became apparent that there was a better model, you joined us in doing something unheard of in Iraq--bringing recurring teams of doctors into Iraq to provide surgical training.

With your help, we've saved more lives in the last year than in the rest of our existence combined! And thanks to your compassion, local Iraqi doctors and nurses are on their way to complete competency. The last 12 months have been amazing, but they're just the beginning.

We expect 2012 to be our biggest, most exciting year of surgeries and training to date, and we want you in on it! Onward!

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Matt Willingham is Preemptive Love's Senior Field Editor and writes primarily on politics, history, general updates and visual peacemaking through photography and film.

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Today Marks A Whole Year of Remedy Missions!
Today Marks A Whole Year of Remedy Missions!
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