Update From The O.R.—Welcome To Basra!

With newness there often comes a beautiful feeling of hope.

New equipment, new partnerships, new facilities; this is the first, fresh, new mission to Basra, and everyone is excited about what's ahead. There's no doubt that challenges are coming. There will be valleys, to be sure. But this week is a peak that we're going to celebrate.

So take a minute to watch and share this video with your friends.

We hope you'll be drawn in to this 30-year-long dream that is just beginning to come true and that you'll stick with us for all the videos—both happy and sad—as we work alongside the doctors of Basra.

More to come...

Our Partners:
Living Light InternationalInternational Children's Heart Foundation

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Matt Willingham is Preemptive Love's Senior Field Editor and writes primarily on politics, history, general updates and visual peacemaking through photography and film.

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Update From The O.R.—Welcome To Basra!
Update From The O.R.—Welcome To Basra!
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