We Belong to Each Other.

When hate is loud, love cannot be silent. 

After today, you may be feeling hopeful or nervous. Triumphant or downcast. However we might feel, there are people around us who feel targeted, vulnerable, and afraid. There are people who wonder what kind of future there is for them.  

Which can only mean one thing…

It’s time to show up and love anyway, no matter our politics. Because the front lines… they’re not just in Syria or Iraq. The front lines are where we live.  

So when we hear voices calling us to divide along sectarian lines—to see certain groups as “other”—let’s be the people who step across enemy lines. 

When others build walls, let’s be the people who reach across those walls and refuse to be enemies.  

Love is not quiet. 

Love cannot be hemmed in by walls.  

Love cannot be shouted down or silenced by hate.

Love is not afraid to show up on the front lines—whether in Syria or Iraq or just down the street. So let us speak love to everyone around us. Let’s practice tangible acts of love, especially for those on the margins. And let us wear our love for all to see.

For many people, the fear is real. But rather than lean away, you can lean in. You can confront fear with preemptive love—and remake the world. 

It was true yesterday, and it’s still true today.


Wear our new shirts—and show the world your love won’t be contained.



About Ben Irwin

Husband, father, storyteller, children's book author, occasional marathon runner, and director of communications and PR for Preemptive Love Coalition

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We Belong to Each Other.
We Belong to Each Other.
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