Psst - We Wrote a Post About You (That You Won’t Want To Miss)

A peek through a fuzzy operating room window, at a life-saving heart surgery in process in Nasiriyah, Iraq.

This isn’t a post about the political gridlock in Iraq. It’s not a post about the intense fighting taking place in central and northern Iraq against ISIS. And it’s not a post about the Iraqi Prime Minister’s meeting with President Obama, pleading for more weapons and support. 

It’s a post about you. 

It’s about how in the midst of political rhetoric, seemingly unending violence, and predictable escalation - you chose to do the unpredictable. You chose to love anyways by sending a medical team to Iraq to save the lives of children with heart defects. 

Right now, doctors and nurses are gathering from all over the world to take part in our next Remedy Mission in Iraq. For the next two weeks, we’ll share with you the stories of the children you’re helping save, the locals you’re training, and then we’ll top it off by celebrating our 1,000th heart operation! 

Follow the stories here on our blog, FB, and Twitter. Everything’s about to get a whole lot better here in Iraq, thanks to you. 

Stay tuned - we’re about to launch our next Remedy Mission! 

About Cody Fisher

Founder & Development Director of the Preemptive Love Coalition, a non-profit based out of Iraq that seeks to subvert terrorism through love, by saving lives and creating dialogue between communities at odds.

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Psst - We Wrote a Post About You (That You Won’t Want To Miss)
Psst - We Wrote a Post About You (That You Won’t Want To Miss)
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