What Kind of New Year's Resolutions Are You Making?

A photo of a list of resolutions for 2012.

It's that time again. People everywhere are putting their own will to the test. Will they make resolutions? Will those resolutions make it 12 months?

Last year, TIME Magazine posted their top 10 most commonly broken New Year's resolutions. The list includes classics like "lose weight," "stop smoking" and "get out of debt." And these are all noble aspirations! But have you ever noticed how the most common resolutions are usually so self-serving? I don't think I've ever heard someone list off resolutions that weren't almost all about them.

But this year can be different—it will be different.

Because now it just takes $25 a month over 12 months to save a child's life. That means if you become a monthly sponsor this month you will have kept a child from death by December! Your year of giving would last their lifetime! So, as you're sitting down to write out resolutions, would you consider sponsoring a child? See our monthly sponsorship page to learn more, and Happy New Year!

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Matt Willingham is Preemptive Love's Senior Field Editor and writes primarily on politics, history, general updates and visual peacemaking through photography and film.

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What Kind of New Year's Resolutions Are You Making?
What Kind of New Year's Resolutions Are You Making?
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